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Ticket To The Moon is more a business tribe than a company, because we don't just produce something to sell, but rather live and promote a lifestyle of harmony and relaxation. The Lestari Mandorak Foundation was born after three years of field experience: since 2006, a relief project had been initiated by Ticket To The Moon’s founder, Charly, in Mandorak County, on the Western part of the remote island of Sumba, in Indonesia.

With no access to water or electricity, the Kodi tribe from Mandorak is struggling to survive with subsistence agriculture and fishing, its main income relying on a yearly cashew harvest.

Sensitive to this endemic situation, Charly and some friends have teamed up with local partners to help the Kodi people improve their life conditions, meanwhile preserving their ancestral culture.

In three years, many concrete actions have been implemented – new roads were built to facilitate trade and fill in the gap between the Kodis and the rest of Sumba, a water well was dug for accessing clean water, a primary school was opened to teach the Indonesian language to the children.

The Kodi tribe has also been subjected to malaria screenings on a regular basis and they were given mosquito nets to fight the plague.

In the meantime, these enhancements have come with education to preserve their culture, along with their original land in West Sumba.

The relief teams have provided nets to avoid bomb fishing, that was being destroying the ocean bottom; they have built a traditional Kodi house as a headquarters, training the youngest workers how to perpetuate their ancestral traditions (also encouraging their unique crafts, horses game, etc.); likewise, teaching waste management is a part of their continuous effort to avoid pollution in West Sumba.

In 2009, the Lestari Mandorak Foundation was created to formalize the help to the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in the fields of health, education, culture and development, and offer the possibility to other partners to commit in their relief program.

Both a co-founder and an active committee member, Ticket To The Moon has been investing 16% of his profit in Lestari Mandorak Foundation since 2006.
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