What is the benefit of Parachute Hammock compared to Mayan Hammock ?
a. Traditional hammock cannot be folded and stored easily since they use spreader bars, no spreader bars needed for parachute hammock.
b. Parachute hammock is much lighter, smaller to carry and bigger in size when used.
c. Fits in smallest backpack.
d. Need less than 2 minutes to set up our hammock

Weather proof:
a. If left outside, the cotton strings of traditional hammocks may absorb moisture, making it susceptible to mold and mildew while parachute hammocks have a good protection against it, also make it easier for maintenance.
b. Parachute fabric color will fades slower even in direct sunlight and parachute fabric will not rot.

Safety and comfort:
a. People may get mesh impressions or prints on their skins when they get up after sleeping in them for some time.
b. Parachute hammock has a good weight limit tolerance (up to 150 kg for a single hammock)
c. Even if the cotton hammocks are made for comfort, the delicate strings can easily snag, You must be careful entering and exiting the hammock.
d. The thin strings can be broken by careless users.
e. Parachute hammocks can easily maintain your body temperature.
f. Fingers and toes CAN get stuck in the net of Mayan Hammocks.
g. Parachute hammock are elastic and breathable, it's not absorbs sweat while cotton hammock do and will produce an odor if you use it regularly since its absorbing sweat and not releasing it to the air but to hold it inside the fabric thus inviting rodents.

a. Parachute hammock will last approximately three times longer than a cotton hammock.
b. Our hammock has a good value, well known brand with high durability. You can definitely resell it in a good price.
c. Parachute hammock is easy to clean.

The material dries quickly:
a. If you are backpacking a wet nylon hammock holds very little water whereas, a wet cotton hammock has a much more substantial weight increase, it will tire you faster.
b. Suitable for backpackers who travel across water a lot.

Nylon V Cotton Hammocks
a. Cotton hammocks are usually much thinner than hammocks made from synthetic materials such as nylon.
b. The thin strings can easily be damaged unless you are very careful when using it.
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